AlliedOP Partners with the American Physical Therapy Association of New Jersey (APTA-NJ)

AlliedOP has become a corporate sponsor and integrated business partner of the American Physical Therapy Association of New Jersey (APTA-NJ).  This exciting new venture creates a unique bond between the largest orthotic and prosthetic provider in the state with the leading organization representing over 2500 Physical Therapy professionals.

“The APTANJ is proud to have partnered with such a reputable and innovative company like AlliedOP” stated APTANJ President Brian Mason, PT, DPT. “While their vast array of products is impressive, what separates AlliedOP from the competition is their collaborative model in working with what the patients and clinicians need.”

“Our collaborative focus on the rehabilitative needs of patients will set a new standard of care and we expect it to improve the functional outcomes of our patients.  We are thrilled to be part of an opportunity to bring a more cohesive approach to patient care with the PT community.” stated Joshua Schenkman, President of AlliedOP.

Aside from numerous educational seminars and symposia, AlliedOP is the Co-Sponsor of this years’ 5K Run/Walk on October 11, 2014.  The goal of the event is to The New Jersey National Guard Child & Youth Program which provides support and resources that youth need to deal with the separation from a parent, child care issues, difficulties with school and many other problems.

“Having AlliedOP join with the APTANJ on the 5k event in October to support our state’s military men and women demonstrates their commitment to community,” added Dr. Mason. “This event is about recognizing and honoring the sacrifices that NJ’s military families make in an effort to preserve the liberty and freedom that we enjoy each day.”