Patient Spotlight: Logan Seitz

Five-year-old Logan Seitz likes to go fast.  During recess, Logan leaves his
classmates in the dust, even winning his school’s “speed demon” award.
After school, Logan does not slow down a bit.  In fact, if you happen to see
a yellow blur in Logan’s hometown of Medford, New Jersey, it is probably
Logan speeding by on his bright yellow BMX bike – known as the fastest bike
in the neighborhood.  During karate lessons, Logan is in a hurry as well,
earning a black stripe on his belt during his very first lesson.  Logan has
no intentions of slowing down any time soon, in fact, he is hoping to one
day trade in his yellow bike for a white Lamborghini – his favorite sports

Logan’s accomplishments at just five years old are impressive in their own
right.  Add the fact that Logan has done all of this wearing a
below-the-knee prosthetic left leg,  and Logan can only be described as an
inspiration to those around him.  Even more impressive than Logan’s physical
capabilities as a prosthetic wearer are his attitude and outlook.  Logan
proudly shows off his prosthetic leg to his friends and family, and refuses
to let his prosthetic keep him from any of his favorite activities. 

Logan and his family came to AlliedOP in 2015 after previous prosthetic
devices caused Logan discomfort and restricted his “on-the-go” lifestyle.
Comfort, fit, and functionality were critical to Logan because, as his
mother Jen put it, “five-year-old boys need to be able to run – that’s what
they do.”  AlliedOP’s Certified Prosthetist Dennis Williams went right to
work, evaluating Logan and creating the perfect prosthetic device for his
specific needs.  The results were instantaneous and dramatic.  “Logan told
me that he finally feels free,” said Logan’s mother Jen, and he can now not
only keep up with his friends without pain and discomfort, but speed by
them.  Logan had just one special request for AlliedOP’s team, a custom paint job
for his new prosthetic.  The design?  No surprise here – Logan asked for a
racecar painted on his new leg.