Power Assisted Microprocessor Knees

Microprocessor controlled prosthetics for your knees help you prevent falls, walk comfortably on stairs and slopes, and adapt to various environments.

Rheo Knee

The Rheo Knee adapts to your walking style and the environment. It "learns" as you walk, and its improves its performance over time.


The C-Leg microprocessor-controlled prosthetic knee provides higher levels of safety, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. You can speed up, slow down, take on hills and go down stairs—all with a secure, comfortable stride.


The Genium microprocessor-controlled knee uses a sensory system that mimics your natural gait.  Its special features help you step over obstacles and ascend stairs. If you are changing speed, backing up to navigate a crowd, or stepping over an obstacle, Genium allows to move without risking stability.