One of the most challenging issues in today’s health care environment is maneuvering through the rules and regulations of the insurance providers.  Our friendly, expert staff is highly trained to provide our patients with the most knowledgable and up-to-date information available on orthotics and prosthetics insurance coverage.  AlliedOP has the ability to work directly as an in-network provider with virtually every third party payor, including Medicare, Medicaid, Horizon, Aetna, Cigna, and United Health Care. Click here for a complete list of the insurance providers.

The staff is proficient in medical coding, terminology and the coverage guidelines established by the major insurance providers for prosthetics and orthotics.  We assist our patients in understanding the specifics of their insurance policy. We verify and pre-authorize all services and obtain a clear understanding of the coverage.  Our patients are notified of any potential financial obligation before we initiate care. If necessary, we offer convenient payment plans for your prosthetic or orthotic device.

It is our policy to conduct an in-depth insurance verification and analysis early in the process to determine what the prosthetic patient’s insurance will pay for and what their personal obligation may be.  Once we know what the patient is responsible for, we have very liberal payment plans to offer to our patients. In some cases we offer discounts for prosthesis, and we’re usually able to work through every situation we come across.  Orthotics are typically covered by insurance. We get all of the pre-approvals and certifications necessary for our patients to make the insurance process easier for them.

We bill most Insurance Companies, State & Federal Government Agencies. Visa and MasterCard Accepted: