We believe it is our primary responsibility to help people regain mobility, function and independence by fabricating and fitting the best possible orthoses (orthopedic braces).  Through regular communication with referring and consulting physicians, we promote the orderly flow of information regarding care of our patients. Thousands of satisfied patients are testimony to our quality, custom designed or custom fitted braces and artificial limbs, and our commitment to caring service.

On this page you will find information regarding our orthotic services, orthotic devices, and an orthotic Q&A.  Each section has subsequent links for more information, and if you are unable to find the answers you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Orthotic Services
Our team of licensed and certified specialists offers a wide range of orthotic services that maximize functionality and well being.  Experienced clinicians work with referring physicians, employers, payors and case managers to ensure optimal outcomes for our patients.  Our Orthotic Services include:

  • A comprehensive clinical evaluation

  • Fittings, castings and all device fabrication

  • Adjustment services with our Certified Orthotists

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Orthotic Devices
An orthosis is a device used to support a weakened, unstable, injured  or overloaded part of the body.  Each custom made or custom fitted orthosis is prepared following a prescription by a physician.  An orthosis may consist of a single unit or an entire system of components tailored to a specific condition.  Some of our Orthotic Devices include:

  • Cervical Orthoses

  • Spinal Orthoses

  • Scoliosis and Spinal Fracture

  • Lower Extremity Orthoses

  • Knee Orthoses

  • Foot Orthoses

  • Upper Extremity Orthoses

  • Pediatric Orthoses

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Orthotics Q&A

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    Tell me about the typical orthotic patient?

    Well, our patients range in age from infants to seniors. We see a lot more pediatric cases in orthotics than we do in our prosthetic practice. Children account for about 25% of our orthotics. We’re dealing with congenital defects, accidents, short-term growth issues, and so on. For the adults, we do a lot of orthotics for bracing for strains, breaks and tears coming from sports or work-related injuries, other types of trauma, or just the aging process.
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    Will orthotics require adjustments ?

    Not usually. Orthotics are used for a limited time period, so it’s rare that a patient would experience any changes that would call for an adjustment. But every product that we dispenses has a warranty, so we encourage patients to come back if they gain or lose weight for example and need an adjustment in their device. Probably less than 20% of all of the orthotic devices we dispense end up needing an adjustment.
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    Do you dispense “off the shelf” orthotic devices as well as custom-made?

    Yes, depending upon the situation. We pride ourselves on being one of the leaders in the custom orthotic field, but we do fit our patients with a number of prefabricated off-the-shelf orthotic devices. There have been significant advances in orthotic devices over the last ten years, negating the need for certain custom products.
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    What about the financial issues of orthotics?

    Orthotics are typically covered by insurance. We get all of the pre-approvals and certifications necessary for our patients to make the insurance process easier for them.

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